The holiday season has always been busy and stressful, but even more so for business owners. However nerve-racking it may be, this holiday is the most profitable time of the year.

For small businesses and huge companies alike, the holiday season is the best time of the year to give it your all. It is also the best time to give back to your employees and fix past hiccups throughout the year.

So if you want to prepare and grow your business this holiday season, start mapping out your holiday strategy with these business tips:

1. Set holiday goals

What business goals do you want to accomplish during the holiday season?

What are your seasonal and post-seasonal business goals?

To ensure that you stay at the top of your game this holiday season, you should create a business goal. Step up your marketing and promotion activities to reach those goals.

Remember that all businesses will have the same mindset as you this season. Everyone would want to be at the top of every Christmas shopper’s list, so identify what makes you stand out against your competitors.

It’s also a great idea to extend your promotions and marketing until after Christmas. Give out post-holiday bargains and discounts to make them come back for more.

2. Create holiday-focused marketing

The holidays are the best time of the year to make a profit. People are buying presents for each other or hanging out and dining.

Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity and incorporate creativity in your promotions. You can do this by handing out discounts, coupons, gift cards, gift wrapping, or even personalized emails wishing your clients a Happy Holidays.

This time of the year is the perfect time to show your appreciation toward your clients while keeping your business goals in mind.

3. Hire and train seasonal employees

Large business companies, such as Starbucks, hire seasonal employees in preparation for their expected surge in customers.

You should do the same, especially when you’re expecting bulk orders and unexpected visitors.

By hiring your seasonal employees, you can guarantee less stress when Christmas comes right around the corner. At the end of the holiday season, you might even want to absorb those seasonal employees you trained and hire them permanently.

4. Stock up on extras

Do you think you have enough to last you until New Year’s Day?

Are you prepared for an unexpected number of sales?

Always prepare yourself for the worst, and anticipate the crowd of people visiting your store. Since it’s always better safe than sorry, make sure you have extra inventory to last you throughout the holiday.

Nothing is worse than missing out on some orders just because you did not get to prepare enough. This small mistake could cost you customer satisfaction and trust. Make sure you have more to offer, instead of experiencing a shortage

5. Ensure your finances

Finally, are you financially secure?

Have you taken care of your annual taxes?

December is more than just Christmas shopping and parties – it’s also the best time to think of your taxes. Take this time to review your paperwork and ensure that all procedures with the internal revenue go smoothly.

On top of renewing your business plan for the coming year, you should also take the time to clear off old paperwork, correct mistakes, and look into loans and licenses you need to apply for and renew.

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