No one wants to see a deduction on their salary. But as an employee, contributing to the Social Security System (SSS) is mandatory for every employee and employer.

But what if you decided to stop working and leave your corporate life? What will happen to your SSS contribution? Should you continue paying your SSS dues?

Being an SSS voluntary member is a bit of a stretch as compared to those who are employed.


You need to go to SSS yourself or their affiliate banks to pay and process your own contributions. You need to do this every month. It is so much hassle and it cuts a portion on your budget. And sometimes you even forget to pay for it.

So is it still worth it paying for your SSS contribution as a voluntary member?

Here are some of the benefits why you should continue paying your SSS dues.

1. Guaranteed pension

SSS is a state-backed agency. So you are assured that you will get something after you retire for as long as you continue paying your contributions.

Even if you have a separate retirement fund, your SSS pension is a steady and dependable backup option insured by the government.

Many Filipinos today ignore the importance of having a retirement fund. When they realize they need money when they get old, it is already too late. That is why, continuing your SSS contribution is a big help in preparing you for your future.

2. Multiple SSS benefits

SSS offers multiple benefits to its members. Some of it includes sickness, disability and maternity benefits.

Your beneficiaries or dependents can also get benefit claims in case of your untimely demise.

If you need money, you can also get a loan at a small interest.

3. Good financial standing

Other financial institutions like bank and lending companies will use your SSS contribution status as one of their references in loaning you money, getting a credit card, paying for a mortgage, and the likes.

If you have a good financial status, you will easily get your creditors’ trust. And they may even loan you more and give you flexible payment terms.

4. Better money habits

Voluntary paying for your monthly SSS contribution is a bit of a burden. You have to allot budget for it. You have to go yourself and process your contribution. It is a lot of work.

But once you get the hang of it, you will develop good money habits. It will be easy for you to budget and the whole process will just become second nature just like paying your electric bill.

5. Secured savings

Your SSS contribution is technically saving. Not in a form of putting cash in a pink piggy bank. But paying for your monthly contribution means saving money that you will later receive and enjoy in the future.

Paying for your monthly SSS dues can be a hassle. But the benefits are worth it. If you are having problems with paying your SSS dues or other government contributions like Philhealth and Pag-IBIG, we, at Savvi Accounting and Shared Services can assist you.

If you are an employer and don’t know how to set up your government contributions, we are here to assist.

Contact us today at 0917-571-7404 to set a FREE business consultation with us.

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