Are you looking for ways to earn some extra income on the sidelines?

Thinking of which business will thrive in this day and age?

Looking into newer, fresher, and more unique business ideas that will surely make you stand out in the market?

It’s easy to start a business, but what separates you from success is the need to stand out. In these times, the competition is tough and the market is getting even more competitive.

Online businesses are opening up left and right, and it’s all up to your expertise, skills, and confidence to boost you up.

On top of that, you need a solid business idea that truly helps your clients and provides what they need.

So here are some business ideas you can try and use to kickstart your business ventures this 2023:

1. Online Selling

Do you have things you want to get rid of? Are you starting to declutter? Are you finding things that are still worth selling secondhand?

Nowadays, online selling has all the hype. And online sellers are steadily rising in number, because not only does it provide a convenient platform for business owners, but online selling platforms also garner thousands upon thousands of viewers and potential clients.

With this business venture, you can simply set up a page, or join other social media pages, and start a live video showcasing your products.

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to sell products online – and it helps with the environment too, as it encourages reusing old things and lessens waste.

2. Online Grocery Shopping/ Online Sari-sari Store

Nowadays, people barely have time to run around the grocery store and run errands. And as a business owner, you should seek ways to make grocery shopping more convenient for your clients.

You can take this opportunity to set up online grocery shopping or an online sari-sari store. With this kind of service, your customers can save time, feel convenient, reduce impulse buying, and stay on budget.

3. Baking

Did you try baking sourdough bread during the pandemic? Are you one of the lucky few who actually baked something edible?

Well, if you did, then maybe you have a knack for baking – and you should try and make some money out of your newfound talent.

You can create baked goods and sell them online. And there’s a range of pastries you can try, such as cupcakes, cakes, and viral ones like lunchbox cakes.

Simply set up a page, take cute pictures of your baked goods, post them online, and accept commissions.

4. Delivery Services

Close to online grocery services, you can also serve your busy customers by delivering food and essentials right to their doorstep.

Nowadays, particularly after the pandemic, the use of delivery services has grown vastly. People resort to buying food online, instead of dining out; they seek grocery services instead of running the errand on their own; and they use online shopping platforms for their essentials.

All you need is to be skilled in driving. Oftentimes, all you’ll ever be required to use is a motorcycle, but for bigger deliveries, you might be expected to drive a van.

5. Vlogging  

Passionate about something? Open a vlog on Youtube and Tiktok and share your expertise on these platforms. Or you can start reviewing places, food stalls/restaurants, and books, among others.

And because people are staying more at home, you should expect that one of their main forms of entertainment comes from the internet.

So if you have a talent in entertaining others and providing valuable insights on things, then open up your own page.

6. Laundry Services

Worried about your low budget? Scared to go big right off the bat?

With laundry services, you can always start small and grow big over time. All you need to start this business is a little bit of budget, some washing machines, dryers, and laundry essentials, and you’re all set!

Anyone can open up a laundry business, as it is low-risk yet profitable. You might find setting up near schools and dormitories extra advantageous, too.

7. Reselling 

Do you have an eye for good buys? How about for products worth more than they’re being sold for?

Vintage pieces, branded clothing, or even secondhand automobiles are the best ways to earn money. You can look them up online or on social media marketplaces.

After buying what you think is worth reselling, you can start growing your resale business. And although the progress takes time, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

The best way to keep your resale business is by diligently scrolling through online reselling sites, attending estate sales, and combing through flea markets for hidden finds.

8. Cleaning Services

People have been keen on keeping clean and safe spaces, particularly after the pandemic. That’s why the demand for cleaning services has grown over the past few years.

With this, you can create a business out of a few cleaning supplies. Try and offer your cleaning services to homeowners, apartments, and even commercial properties.

You can offer indoor cleaning and even lawn mowing. If you also want to stand out in the market, you can try and offer premium services such as power washing, floor waxing, or pool cleaning.

With this one, you might need a little bit of experience and knowledge of cleaning equipment, so make sure to do proper research and study.

9. Online Teaching

Do you have a knack for teaching students? Or are you knowledgeable in different languages? Are there particular things you can teach, such as skills?

Now you can teach almost anything online. With the rising demand for online education, you can easily choose any subject and start teaching people any subject you can think of.

This kind of occupation won’t ask for much, especially when it comes to location. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can teach students (English as a Second Language) ESL, or even pottery!

10. Pet Hotel 

While other people are busy planning out for the coming summer season, you should be setting up a page dedicated to watching over their pets.

Setting up a pet hotel is easy and enjoyable, especially if you’re a pet lover yourself. All you have to do is become a certified pet groomer by attending a few online courses and getting some experience.

And since a pet hotel is every pet owner’s dream, this business idea will surely gain you more income in no time. 

This is because pet hotels have everything pet owners need – from pet grooming to boarding. And it’s useful for furparents who are on vacation.

But other than letting their pets stay overnight, you can also start selling pet food or supplies – which means more income and more business opportunities.

How to start a successful business

Success isn’t guaranteed for every business owner, but those who have their head in the game are sure to end with great results.

So choose your best pick in all our abovementioned business ventures and you might end up successful over a few months

But remember, success can only happen with professional assistance. So the next thing to do is to register your business. At Savvi Accounting and Shared Services, we offer just what you need as a growing business.

On top of that, you also need to look after your business’ finances to ensure success and less risks. Do your business processes right, so you can see better results.

Here at Savvi Accounting and Shared Services, we specialize in business accounting in Angeles City, bookkeeping, financial statements, payroll, and government contributions, among others.

We have expert accountants that can help you get your business thriving from the ground up. And we can help make 2023 the best year for you and your new venture.

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